Our international project portfolio consists of themes based on ProAgria’s strategic focus areas on sustainable agriculture, sustainable food chain, digitalization and knowledge-based management, entrepreneurship, and training and coaching. We participate in projects funded by e.g. Horizon Europe, Interreg, Erasmus+ and other European Regional Development Fund framework programmes.

Ipm work

IPMWORKS – Protecting crops without pesticides

Along with the promotion of organic farming, integrated pest management (IPM) is one of the...

01.01.2020 - 31.12.2024


i2connect – Connecting advisers to boost interactive innovation in agriculture and forestry

The EU-funded H2020 i2connect project aims to fuel the competencies of advisors who will support...

01.11.2019 - 31.10.2024


Cities2030 – Co-creating resilient and sustainable City Region Food Systems towards FOOD2030

The EU-funded H2020 project aims to develop sustainable food systems in urban areas. In Finland,...

01.10.2020 - 30.09.2024

Fields ryhmakuva

FIELDS – Addressing the current and future skill needs for sustainabilty, digitalization, and the bio-economy in agriculturegy

FIELDS project aims to contribute to skill enhancement of workers in the agriculture, food industry...

01.01.2020 - 31.12.2023

Ecostack kick off napoli 2018

EcoStack – Stacking of ecosystem services: mechanisms and interactions for optimal crop protection, pollination enhancement, and productivity

The EU-funded H2020 EcoStack project aims to develop and support ecologically, economically and socially sustainable...

10.09.2018 - 31.08.2023

Coopid 620x360 0

COOPID – Knowledge transfer on innovative bioeconomy solutions for primary production

The EU-funded Horizon 2020 COOPID project brings together primary producers across Europe and distributes knowledge...

01.01.2021 - 30.06.2023


International experience with ERASMUS+

The project promotes the international mobility of ProAgria staff through work placements abroad and international...

06.01.2020 - 31.05.2023

FairShare User Case – Improving Utilising My Farm Wisu

The FairShare project promotes the use of digital applications by agricultural advisory services in different...

08.11.2021 - 31.12.2022

Nayttokuva 2021 11 29 110701

CYBERGRASS – Introduction to remote sensing and artificial intelligence assisted silage production

This EU-funded project presents a new method for assessing the quality and quantity of grass...

01.05.2021 - 31.10.2022

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INSPECT – Invasive Species Eradication and Control

Invasive plants are plants that have been introduced by humans, either intentionally or unintentionally, into...

01.09.2019 - 31.10.2022


NEFERTITI – Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilization and Innovation Uptake through Demonstration

The overall objective of NEFERTITI is to establish an EU-wide highly connected network of demonstration...

01.02.2018 - 30.09.2022

Hillo kuva Timo Viljakainen

Increasing the internationalisation capacity of the food chain in North Ostrobothnia

The project promoted the internationalisation capacity of the North Ostrobothnian food chain in the Oulu...

01.04.2021 - 31.05.2022

Hernekasvustoa pellolla

OPAL-Life – Optimising agricultural land use as a climate change control tool

The OPAL-Life project aimed to reduce climate emissions from agriculture in line with the principle...

01.01.2015 - 31.03.2022


WATERDRIVE – Water driven rural development in the Baltic Sea Region

The project WATERDRIVE implemented holistic water management practices in agricultural landscapes to reduce nutrient loads....

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021

Balticslurry620x360 0

Baltic Slurry Acidification

Livestock manure is the main source of ammonia-nitrogen emissions in the Baltic Sea Region, which...

01.03.2016 - 28.02.2019