About us

At ProAgria, we are experts in agriculture and rural business. We offer our clients our services and expertise to further develop and grow.


Our expertise lies in integrating business management, finance and production through teamwork, and we promise to always bring reliable partnership, vision and solutions to the table.

We’re constantly focused on expanding our expertise and gathering information from near and far to ensure that our clients always have access to the latest in the field, and we can proudly say our expertise also includes finding the right solutions to rapidly changing situations.

Our organisation

Together with nine regional centres and the Association of ProAgria Centres, we make up a Finnish-speaking rural advisory organisation.

ProAgria Lantbrukssallskapet guarantees advisory services in Swedish in Uusimaa, Turku and the surrounding region, Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia and Åland.

By partnering with current actors in the industry, we ensure and enable the cleanest and most vital countryside in the world, now and in the future.