Everyday farm management -project

ProAgria Western Finland

Fluent management of people, know-how and everyday events at the farm.

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Everyday farm management -project is focusing on fluent management of people, know-how and everyday events at the farm.

Nowadays farming businesses experience a variety of internal and external changes that need to be managed along the everyday chores at the farm.

In modern agriculture good farm management and adapting new information are more and more highlighted regardless of the type of production. Our project is aiming to improve management issues comprehensively at the farms located in the project area. Hence, the competitiveness and profitability of the farms will be developed and also motivation, interaction and financial skills will build up in farmers’ everyday life.

Earlier good experiences of discussion group activities will be utilised in this project. Gaining, sharing and follow-up of experiences among farmers will take place in small discussion groups as much on a practical level as possible. In addition to different kind of discussion group activities the project will organize theme days, workshops and study trips. International activities will be also part of the project and new information and know-how will be sourced from abroad. All kind of farming operations are welcome to join the project activities regardless of their production type.

Please check the current events and news from the project Facebook site: Everyday farm in Facebook (Finnish page).

Duration of the project: 1.1.2022–31.5.2024

Target group: farming operations in ProAgria Western Finland’s area

Project funding: EU’s Agricultual Fund for Rural Development, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Satakunta and Southwest Finland.

Everyday farm project continued and developed the work of project Plenty of time.