EcoStack – Stacking of ecosystem services: mechanisms and interactions for optimal crop protection, pollination enhancement, and productivity

Association of ProAgria Centres

The EU-funded H2020 EcoStack project aims to develop and support ecologically, economically and socially sustainable plant production through the use of ecosystem services. The project will develop new farming practices, led by stakeholders, to deliver economic and environmental benefits for farmers, biodiversity and society.

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EcoStack will provide European farmers with the knowledge and tools needed to maximise ecosystem services for the production of crops, while minimising environmental impacts of agriculture and ensuring the profitability of farming. The objectives will be achieved by stacking ecosystem services to enhance synergistically the effective interplay of the service providers.

The EcoStack project is based on multidisciplinary research and aims to involve the different actors in agriculture in producing and spreading new information.Our research covers conventional and organic cropping systems; arable, horticultural and permanent crops; pastoral and mixed systems, and all pedoclimatic production zones of Europe.Read more on current project activities on the project's website.

The Horizon 2020 project is coordinated by the University of Naples in Italy and involves more than 20 partners from 13 European countries, with a wide range of expertise in different aspects of agriculture in Europe. Finnish participants are the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the University of Turku and the Association of ProAgria Centres.

See the detailed composition of the consortium and budget on the EU website.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 773554.

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