Our Network

Our international activities focus on international projects and European and Nordic cooperation, and we are working actively with international advisory organisations such as EUFRAS.

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Finnish Agri-Agency for Food and Forest Development (FFD)

Finnish Agri-Agency for Food and Forest Development (FFD) is an organisation that supports agricultural and forestry producers in developing countries, as well as the vitality of rural areas. FFD aims to reduce poverty in rural areas in developing countries, improve food security and support rural trade to ensure a decent livelihood.

FFD’s member organisations are the Association of ProAgria Centres, the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK), the Central Union of Swedish-Speaking Farmers and Forest Owners in Finland (SLC), and Pellervo Coop Center. The Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists, the Finnish Village Movement Association and the Central Organization for Finnish Horticulture support the FFD as supporter members.


Established in 2013 EUFRAS (eufras.eu) is a European network and representative association of public and private rural and agricultural advisory/extension services, which is aligned to the global representative body for advisory services GFRAS. EUFRAS core mission is to develop a community of advisors, advocate on their behalf and support their professional development. EUFRAS also responds to challenges the European advisor community faces. ProAgria has been an active member of EUFRAS since 2015.