Business Management

Successful business management calls for not only sound financial skills but also strategic thinking. It is also good to take a look at your own values and dreams. We assist agricultural and rural entrepreneurs in business development, human resource management and Lean.

Pro Agrian asiantuntija ja asiakas kaurapellolla

When planning your company’s future, it is a good idea to get some expert help. Sparring will give you confidence to make decisions, which we can back up with solution alternatives and plans. We are familiar with the specific characteristics of the agricultural and rural operating environment.

We help entrepreneurs thinking about their company’s current state, resources, future, strategy, profitability, investments, change of ownership or marketing.

Our HR team helps entrepreneurs to reach better results through good people management. Together with our customers, we have developed, for example, supervisory work, communication, and work planning and organisation.

Our Lean experts assist you in setting targets, clearing up bottlenecks and improving your performance. Lean is very much practical management, clarifying daily work and making people more enthusiastic about creating ideas and engaging in continuous improvement.