FIELDS – Addressing the current and future skill needs for sustainabilty, digitalization, and the bio-economy in agriculturegy

Association of ProAgria Centres

FIELDS project aims to contribute to skill enhancement of workers in the agriculture, food industry and forestry sectors. It ensures to be able to to make full use of the opportunities and comply with the requirements of the EU's ‘’Twin Transition" of green and digital innovations .

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FIELDS project focuses on the domains of Digitalization, Sustainability, Bio-Economy and Management & Entrepreneurship. Skills include ‘’hard’ skills’ - measurable and technology based skills - as well as "soft skills" - social and experience based skills.

The project begins with identifying the skills needed in the future in agriculture, food industry and forestry sectors. By defining the future occupational profiles in these sectors, a target is created for which the innovative training programs aim to train students as well as people already in the professional life in the sense of lifelong learning. National roadmaps modify the EU strategy planned in the project into concrete action plans, which assure the most beneficial use of the trainings at national level.

FIELDS project is Erasmus+ -funded project. Consortium involves 31 partners from 12 different countries. The Association of ProAgria Centers is the only partner from Finland. The project lasts four years with a budget of four million euros. It is coordinated from the University of Torino.

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