COOPID – Knowledge transfer on innovative bioeconomy solutions for primary production

ProAgria Oulu

The EU-funded Horizon 2020 COOPID project brings together primary producers across Europe and distributes knowledge on successful bioeconomy business models.

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The project involves ten European countries. The Finnish partners are ProAgria Oulu and Oulu Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation.

Each participating country appoints a regional COOPID Bioeconomy Cluster (CBC) and selects a success story to be showcased as an example of bio-based business models. In Finland, close to 20 cases were rated, of which Valio's carbon-neutral milk chain was selected as Finland’s success story. All ten success stories are showcased to the COOPID networks of each participating country. Read more about project activities on project's own website.

Experiences and best practices are presented in bioeconomy workshops open to primary producers and related stakeholders, as well as anyone interested in the topic.

EU funding: Horizon 2020, Grant Agreement No. 101000519. Project budget: 1,999,995 euros, ProAgria Oulu’s total budget 157,461 euros (funding rate of 100%). See more on EU's website.


Spain: Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de España - Agri-food Cooperatives Spain (Coordinator)

Spain: Innovarum

France: Greenflex

Italy: Universita Di Bologna

Greece: Gaia Epicherein

Bulgarian: Agraren Universitet – Plovdiv

Poland: Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – National Research Institute

Austria: The National Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry in Styria

Ireland: Munster Technological University

Denmark: Food & Biocluster Denmark

Finland: ProAgria Oulu