Half-day trip to Liminka Bay – grazing of coastal meadows as a promoter of bird nesting areas and biodiversity

Lähtöpaikka/Start at 8.00 Oulu (in front of Radisson Blue Hotel/hotelin edestä), Hallituskatu 1, 90100 Oulu

ProAgria Oulu

Welcome to the guided tour in Liminka Bay!

The main goal of management of coastal meadows is to preserve the endangered habitats, created by traditional pasturing, and species dependent on these habitats. The coastal meadows and near field areas are internationally important sites for both nesting and migratory bird species.

Liminka Bay is one of Europe’s most important bird wetlands. Nesting bird species include e.g. waders as ruff, black-tailed godwit, and southern dunlin, and waterfowls as tufted duck, northern pintail, and northern shoveler. Restarting grazing has increased the area of coastal meadows specially in North Ostrobothnia during past decades. As a result The decline of many endangered species has been stopped at these habitats.

Return at 12.30 pm back to the in front of the Radisson Blue Hotel.

Last registration Friday, May 31.

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