Baltic Slurry Acidification

Association of ProAgria Centres

Livestock manure is the main source of ammonia-nitrogen emissions in the Baltic Sea Region, which through atmospheric deposition results in a significant amount of nitrogen entering the Baltic Sea.

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Acidification is a well-known technique used to reduce ammonia loss from livestock manure. Farmers benefit from the increased fertilizer value of slurry and the decreased need to invest in mineral nitrogen and sulphury fertilizers. The environment benefits from reduced ammonia-nitrogen emissions and reduced eutrophication.

Baltic Slurry Acidification project analyzed and studied different aspects of the techniques and their benefits to advance the implementation of Slurry acidification techniques (SATs). These included technical feasibility studies, pilot SAT investments, field trials, economic and environmental assessments, and policy recommendations, analyses of markets and legislation and national policy dialogue facilitation. All the reports and articles can be found in