Our expertise extends also into welfare and care companies’ businesses.

Aging and lifestyle changes are an opportunity for business growth in rural areas. Recent years have brought on a number of companies in the welfare and care sector, offering services both for locals as well as customers from other areas.
Our business experts start by recognizing the company's strengths and their benefits towards business plans and development. Attention is paid to a customer-based “productification” of welfare- and care services, in which our experts will help by suggesting the best business model.
We can also assist with
  • productivity enhancements
  • service development
  • pricing
  • tendering
ProAgria Accounting is a great solution for all accounting and financial management needs. 

Nature in all its forms as a source for welfare

In Finland, there are currently around 300 agricultural enterprises with a Green Care business. These businesses take advantage of their agricultural and natural resources to increase their customers’ welfare and quality of life. Green Care services are a great way to develop rural business activities. 

Enable the potential in your business environment

Welfare and care businesses have reached an annual growth of approximately 10 percent over the last couple of years, making the sector very appealing. ProAgria's experts assist entrepreneurs to get started by recognizing a business strategy, mapping customer needs, pricing products and services, tendering and evaluating quality. As business activities proceed, we will offer support with productivity and quality management.



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