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ProAgria offers services and know-how to develop competitiveness in rural businesses.

ProAgria has a comprehensive and extensive expertise on rural entrepreneurship. We serve our various customers from several rural sectors. The sectors are e.g. agriculture, tourism, food preparation, horses, contracting, services, and bioenergy. ProAgria assists the customers completely during the whole business life-cycle. Assistance is offered in planning a new business, business start-up, investments and business revitalisation.
  • Dairy

    ProAgria has a wide variety of profitable and goal-driven solutions for the short and long-term management of a dairy farm.

  • Crop

    We offer the seeds of success to help our customers manage crop production and improve its competitiveness.

  • Meat

    ProAgria is a valuable partner in pork, beef cattle, poultry, sheep and goat production.

  • Horses

    We offer a wide variety of expert services for a developing horse business.

  • Food and Tourism

    A successful tourism entrepreneur has set realistic goals and thought out the paths to achieve them – with our assistance.

  • Foodstuff

    With ProAgria’s expert-driven product development, strategic decisions and marketing are easy tasks.

  • Contracting

    Entrepreneurs producing contracting services are also important to us.

  • Welfare

    Our expertise extends also into welfare and care companies’ businesses.

  • Organic Farming

    We offer a versatile service set, tailored to the needs of the organic farming entrepreneur.

  • Other Businesses

    ProAgria has services for the diversifying entrepreneur.


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