International Activities

International Activities

ProAgria's international activities focus on Russia and the Baltic region.

ProAgria’s international activities focus on Russia and the Baltic region. Business activities in Russia are conducted through ProAgria Finland Ltd. ProAgria Finland offers agricultural advisory services to help enhance business activities and gain competitiveness. 

The Kosovo advisory and training project

In Kosovo, ProAgria started a two-year agricultural advisory training and development project in 2011. The project’s goal was to establish a sustainable method of operation to professionally train agricultural experts, and to develop an advisory organization. The first training period included 27 Kosovar agricultural professionals. 

Finnish food exports to Russia on the rise

ProAgria Kymenlaakso (now part of ProAgria Etelä-Suomi) assisted over 200 foodstuff businesses with exports to Russia. This included the evaluation of the export businesses and their products’ exportability, trade negotiations, and St. Petersburg business excursions.

Co-operation with the Russian Lend Group expanded in 2012

ProAgria has twice organized the access for Finnish business to enter the Russian foodstuff fair in Moscow. Seven businesses took part in Prodexpo 2012, the biggest foodstuff fair in Russia, and another seven businesses took part in World Food Moscow 2012. The businesses managed to gain excellent contacts and trade relationships throughout Russia, together with ProAgria and Lend. 
The distribution of Finnish products expanded noticeably through Lend, when products were made available in eight St. Petersburg supermarkets. Over twenty Finnish businesses have products for sale in Russia in over 50 cities. ProAgria and Lend co-operated to produce a comprehensive Finnish product export plan in 2013. 

ProAgria and co-operative development

ProAgria, MTK, Pellervo-Seura and Svenska Lantbruksproducenternas Centralförbund SLC have founded a new foundation, the Finnish Agri-Agency for Food and Forest Development (FFD). Its goal is to improve the lives and the source of livelihood in developing countries. FFD is responsible for following up on projects in Ethiopia, Nepal, Tanzania and Vietnam, while continuing co-operation with AgriCord. New projects are prepared for Nicaragua and Sambia. 


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