Small Group Activities

Small Group Activities

The goal of a small group is to find the best practices and learn from each other.

Small groups have been put together regarding e.g. cow fertility, rural entrepreneur well-being, crop production and investment management. However, all sectors, themes and fields of operation are suitable for collaborative learning.
In Finland, where distances are often long, small group activities offer the possibility to network and work together. Through networking with colleagues, new ideas in operational practices or overall business development needs can evolve.

Entrepreneurs find small groups beneficial

Rural entrepreneurs find small group activities beneficial. Here are a few testimonials:
  • "I follow and analyze heifer feeding and focus on it more. It's rewarding to see the results”.
  • "Through my small group I was able to learn about new work methods, different circumstances and large cowsheds. I was able to see clearly regarding animal well-being and conditions".
  • "I gained many ideas from other entrepreneurs on how to improve my farm business. Not everything has to be learnt by mistake".
  • "It was great to be able to discuss with entrepreneurs and experts from my field, on a number of topics".


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