ProAgria Development Activities

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Development Activities

Developing success in agriculture is our lifeline. We develop services for a better future.

Our development activities can be divided into projects, training and small group activities. 
In the future, excellent broadband connections make it possible to create entirely new agriculture services, through online communities. We have already developed a large variety of online services for our customers.
Online services, web services and e-Services are more and more emphasized in ProAgria's service selection. These services support the entrepreneur's day-to-day activities, decision-making, analysis and communication with our experts. Having the data and results at our disposal faster will help us support you in better ways.
  • Projects

    ProAgria is a key player in the development of rural entrepreneurship. Our projects take advantage of a wide co-operation network.

  • Training

    We arrange multiple training days on a variety of topics nationwide.

  • Small Group Activities

    The goal of a small group is to find the best practices and learn from each other.


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