Menestyvä yritys panostaa myös myyntiin ja markkinointiin

Before starting production, the entrepreneur must outline a mission, vision and a strategy for the business. However, it is essential to define a clientele and form an overall marketing plan to ensure future sales.

ProAgria’s experts help rural entrepreneurs to specify their business ideas as well as to select and define target customers and their needs. We offer services to rural businesses to gain a comprehensive customer understanding and to add customer satisfaction.

Wise pricing and good products are the keys to success

It is a tricky task to set a proper price for a good product or service. Obviously, production costs set a base line for the price. ProAgria experts can assist with pricing, based on a strong view of value for different services and products.

The offered product or service clearly has a significant role in business success. We provide our expertise for productization or product development purposes. This process includes e.g. reshaping the idea and considering the target market. The differentiation from competitors is essential in a competitive market.

The best ways to stand out

Marketing increases the awareness of a product or service among customers and forms a business image. A better image ensures better sales. There are several ways to invest in the business image and our experts are aware of them. One way to stand out is to invest in responsibility adding value to customers.

The Uniquely Finnish label is a great way to differentiate. It is a national label for qualified foodstuff, handicraft and rural tourism entrepreneurs ensuring the domestic origin of the product. Criteria are high and slightly over 100 businesses have the label. See more at

Entering a new market

ProAgria is a strong partner in market extending. Small and middle-size enterprises will have an opportunity to export their quality products via our networks. ProAgria and our networks have created a possibility for rural entrepreneurs to enter the Russian foodstuff market.


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