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It is important to get ready for the change of ownership several years in advance. This long-term approach will ensure a sufficient amount of time to plan all the details with care. These include e.g. the transfer of property as well as housing, education, retirement and taxation issues. When planning is done with care, the future owner will be fully committed, involved and ready to continue the business. ProAgria assists with the change of ownership in all rural enterprises, from farming to forestry, and further to SMEs.

Assurance, reliability and expertise to the change process

Our experts will bring assurance and an outside view to undergo a complex process. With the current and future owner, we

  • estimate all alternatives for the change of ownership
  • define the contents of the transaction, as well as the purchase price
  • verify taxation and inheritance issues
  • handle all business arrangements
  • assist with changes to modes of operation
  • seek out financing options
  • implement the actual transaction
  • assist the transferee

The forms of business do matter

Furthermore, ProAgria’s experts seek out, calculate and comment on the rationality of the different forms of business. It is clear, that the business form matters from both a financial and a risk perspective. The change of ownership is usually a good checkpoint to ensure the rationality of the current business form.


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