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ProAgria is the desired partner in investments for rural businesses. Both our professional opinion and experience are highly regarded among entrepreneurs. Our approach to the investment process is holistic, and it includes everything from planning to deployment and monitoring.

Setting clear business goals

There are clear goals and a sufficient amount of planning behind every successful investment. We assist rural business owners in clarifying their business focus. This is implemented in two phases.

First, an analysis of an external and internal business environment is accomplished in cooperation with the entrepreneur. Second, an analysis of the current situation is used as a basis to form a clearer vision about the future. Further, accurate long-term goals will be set during the process.

Additionally, the need for further business development will be clarified. This process is suitable for both business planning and development before an investment or a change of ownership.

From an idea to an investment

After a vision and optional strategies are outlined the investment planning process is ready to begin. The overall process can be divided into financial and production planning.

ProAgria’s mission is to provide an objective perspective and realistic information for the business owner. With the entrepreneur, we:

  1. analyze the current situation
  2. set the goals and budget
  3. plan and calculate the selected strategies
  4. asses profitablity and risks included in different plans
  5. form a business plan

Stay on budget and save time

During an investment, time is usually a limited factor. Extra time is needed for operational management from starting up to the stabilization of the production. For monitoring and time-saving purposes, we offer our accounting services and our business specialists’ experience and know-how. These services will help the entrepreneur to stay on budget and prepare for the repayment of the investment.
ProAgria’s accounting services include e.g. cash-flow budgeting, general accounting, salary accounting and taxation planning. The services are practical and useful after the investment for the monitoring and evaluation of the firm’s financial condition.


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