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ProAgria offers comprehensive and informational databanks for the use of rural entrepreneurs. The databanks are useful in a comparative analysis as well as in production development by offering reference information.

The databanks help with a comparison of current production results with previous results or comparison quarter data. These comparisons indicate both a long-term development path as well as future development opportunities. With the help of ProAgria experts, the development opportunities will take form.

Improving crop production

The agricultural parcel databank is designed to get all the biological and economic information the customer might need. Information is gathered from farming notes, yield qualification analysis and financial statements. Agricultural entrepreneurs who use our crop planning software (Wisu, WebWisu) can transfer their data easily to the bank.

The agricultural parcel databank is a convenient tool for

  • comparing production input used to a fixed level of output, or input used to maximize profit or output
  • getting information on plant variety according to the agricultural area or soil type
  • comparing current plant production results with the preceding, according to: agricultural parcel, plant, plant variety, or produce
  • comparing financial performance among: agricultural area, soil type or plant
  • grouping reference businesses according to the best and worst quarter
  • cross-checking production costs (€/kg) or the rates of utilized nutrients.

Dairy farm performance information

This service tightly combines the production processes in the barn and field with financial key figures. It points out the connection between the production and financial performance, in a practical and demonstrative way. This online databank is a practical tool for the review of business performance and results.

Large data can be selected and divided by farm size, the milking system, the feeding method and the time passed from a major investment. These choices constitute a report on selected key figures for comparison purposes. An analysis of the report positions the enterprise into a reference group and highlights e.g. significant differences in fodder costs.

Knowledge grows with cooperation

The databanks provide the greatest advantage when analyzing reports with ProAgria’s experts. The experts assist with planning future goals for production and financial performance. Our experts work in cooperation to maximize the customer’s benefit – for this purpose the databanks are remarkable tools.


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