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Business management is a systematic task that allows improving business operations and profitability. It is a vital operation even for micro firms. Business management starts with strategic management which is done by analyzing the firm and setting long-term goals.

Operational issues are easier to deal with afterwards. Operational management includes setting annual plans, seeking development needs as well as monitoring business results. These activities will help to understand the relationship between real and financial processes and to improve business actions for the future.

Clarifying goals and choosing a development path for the future

In a future discussion, the entrepreneur and the expert define an overall analysis on the current state of the firm and the business environment. The entrepreneur’s thoughts about the future will also be clarified. The process is aimed at setting long-term goals for the business. Furthermore, production restrictions will be recognized. During the discussion, a development plan and tangible goals for operation will be formed. Strategic planning is vital especially before an investment or a change of ownership.

Daily management includes constant analysis and monitoring

A strategic direction forms the framework for successful operational management. Entrepreneurship includes planning and implementing actions, measuring results and constantly analyzing the outcome. From time to time, operations need to be developed. In order to develop, the entrepreneur might need an outside view and extensive know-how.

In the short run, financial issues rise to the fore. Cash flow is important to anticipate changes in the business. Liquidity is a key issue in operational and financial management. However, profitability is needed in order to maintain a continuous business. Solvency is ensured after profitable business management. ProAgria offers various services to support operational business management. These include accounting and work planning services and expert assistance services.


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