Vakauta arjen hallinta ja yrityksesi johtaminen kassabudjetoinnin ja seurannan avulla

Regularly measured data with a proper overall analysis gives the entrepreneur vital information about business performance and success. Analyzed information indicates strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats. Therefore the analysis is essential for business development.

Business plan for development purposes

When planning the direction of future business operations, take advantage of our know-how and expertise. We offer financial management services for business development, when the need arises from a significant investment, change of ownership or change in business entity. Frequently, a formal business plan is formed in cooperation with the entrepreneur and the expert. However, our services are always tailored to meet rural entrepreneurs’ various needs.

Services to help improve business performance and data for benchmarking

We take care of our rural customers’ day-to-day financial management needs including budgeting, accounting and taxation planning. By using these services the entrepreneur will get the overall picture about the current state of the business.

In addition, ProAgria offers performance analysis. Performance analysis forms an understanding of business profitability, liquidity and solvency. It accumulates comparative data about production costs, business performance as well as development needs in the enterprise. ProAgria has also a great amount of data for benchmarking purposes. This data will form a valuable external reference point in positioning business performance.


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